Fashion Friday: Abducted by Style!


My life changed drastically the day I saw the way Ancient Aliens‘ George¬†Tsoukalos dresses in his spare time.

On the show, he wears suits. In real life, he’s basically a filthy Jersey Shore hippie.

He works at Seti, produces Ancient Aliens, and used to a bodybuilding promoter — so this weekend wardrobe pastiche makes sense.

The key to look is to put some stuff on your body that has patterns. Then put on jewelry & more jewelry. Then put on a patterned scarf. Then foof your hair out as big as possible.¬†(You need to look like the alien traction beam is pulling your hair skywards). You’re ready!

This look is so cool that you’ll get abducted and butt-probed by history-interfering otherworldly beings.¬†

In case you were wondering, this outfit contains:

The galaxy’s the limit to how good it’s possible to look, guys.