Looks Inspired By Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave) is rocking the red carpet super-hard right now. Like, give the carpet a breather, buddy.

I love every single thing she owns, and went on a quest to find some similar stuff — all for under $100 a piece.

I kind of regret the $100 a piece quest. It made this almost impossible. Almost.


Dior outfit: Surprisingly easy to emulate. I loved the blue and orange together. Daring and totally works. I kind of wish she’d worn an orange pillbox hat or something, too. It’s so Bizarro Jackie.


Miu Miu outfit: I didn’t really dig the red shoes with the dress, so I found another pair. This dress is similar in spirit. I kind of like the pink turtleneck top because it’s so bad it’s good again.


Rodarte outfit: This is where things began to slide off the rails. Congrats, Rodarte! There’s nothing quite like what you’re making.

So I just made something like what I’d wear to work if my shizznit were more together.

Let’s take a minute on pricing (mentioned up top). Why is everything so expensive?

Have I been permanently spoiled by the soothing low numbers of thrifting (and wholesale)?

How will I ever become a functional adult if the concept of a $20 shirt seems ridiculous? 

I am concerned about cheap fashion, mind you. Buying mass-produced crap and then throwing it out or donating it a few months later is excessive.

I am the sort of person who beats up clothes by working out constantly, walking everywhere, painting, and having a sheddy dog. I also do not separate my lights or darks and constantly forget to let brassieres and dri-fit clothing air-dry.

So I thrift my wardrobe. Basically all of it. I rescue my clothes from the thrift fate, pummel them into the ground until they’re threadbare and/or covered in stains, and discard them.

I’m basically a bottom-feeder who lives on trash.

I love looking (can we talk about the weird turtleneck bird dress again?) but just can’t bear to bring anything into the vortex of my home at the moment.