Drawings and a Fluffy Daisy

This weekend, I was so busy

  • drawing
  • shopping
  • washing my laundry/dog

that I totally neglected to do basic things like:

  • getting groceries
  • replenishing my rum supply
  • calling my parents.

There’s nothing in my house, and I’m a disappointment — but at least things smell good again (there’s a post about that forthcoming, sort of).

Here are a few of my weekend labors:


And also:


And we can’t forget:


If he were a human child, there would have been some slammed doors and sulky silence yesterday.┬áIf he had the choice to skip bathing, he would opt to smell like his own anus forever. (Don’t blame me. I’m just stating the truth.) Now he smells like a fluffy daisy, whatever that means.