So much for the glitterbomb: This Week’s Reading


^ I love this fun vs effort chart.

Remember your neon Trapper Keepers? Turns out working for Lisa Frank wasn’t all glitter and unicorns. This article is unsettling.

DIY Christmas tutorials: This altered doll head phrenology ornament and easy star gift wrap are both awesome.

Oopsy-daisy: Turns out multi-vitamins and antibacterial hand soap aren’t helping us out.

No babies? No problem. My friend posted this article for me. It’s very nice to read such sentiments. A good night’s sleep is also positive reinforcement for my life choices.

Freebies: The British Library has uploaded over a million public domain images. Thanks!

Lord of the Rings: This “Legolas, What Are You Doing?” blog is pretty funny. Orlando Bloom’s face is classic.

Is it time to rename Uranus? I vote “no,” obviously. 

Last minute gift idea: Horror movie monster pinup calendar. You’re welcome, Internet.