Lady-corpses everywhere! Plus: Media reviews.

I have recently resolved to spend less time on the Internet at home, which leaves me with a lot of free time.

So I’ve begun making artist trading cards again. It’s arguably the most interesting hobby I have.


These (above) are for a Day of the Dead themed swap. Below are for an Undead Rockabilly swap. These are all ink, watercolor, and colored pencil on watercolor paper.


I didn’t organize either of these swaps; it’s nice to know there are other macabre people out there.

I also spend so much time reading that my dog assumes that this is a normal way to live one’s life:


(That book’s honestly a bit of a slog, Willie. Sorry.)

Media updates:

Book // Death in the City of Light by David King
You’d think a nonfiction book about a compulsive-liar serial killer during the Nazi occupation of Paris would be fascinating — but you’d be wrong, somehow.

TV // Siberia 
This show gets the “what the hell?” award. It’s a fake “reality show,” Survivor-style, about people who get dumped in Siberia. There are no rules; people can go home whenever they want. The last one remaining — whoever survives the winter without quitting or dying — wins the money. The twist is that fucked-up, sort of scary stuff happens. Players’ corpses appear in the woods; the producers disappear; there are tigers, skeletons, cave drawings, sculptures, ghost children, and speakers in the woods.

So far, none of it ties in with anything else. I’m not sure whether it will. The payoff here had better be brilliant, or else it’ll be one of those failed “they threw every ‘scary’ trope at the wall” eyerolls.

Movies // Elysium
The 1% live on a fancy space station. The other 99% live on polluted, shithole Earth. The 1% have health care. The 99% have police brutality and literal dead-end jobs.

The political commentary here isn’t even veiled the way it often is in science fiction. It’s yelled. Again and again. Guys, we get it. No need to be coy. We don’t exactly need a movie to explain that being a rich white person is more advantageous than being poor and nonwhite. (Matt Damon is one of the very, very few people on earth that’s white. The fact that they cast the hero as a white person is a little offensive, actually. There’s kind of a The Help vibe, like those people all needed Whitey to help them out.)

And why — WHY?! — must every anti-utopia science fiction movie feature a scene where a woman almost gets raped? As if it weren’t bad enough that they’re never the protagonists! Must they also be helpless sex objects, too?

Overanalysis aside, it’s a gruesome, gritty, sad science fiction movie that was interesting to watch, and I don’t regret having seen it. But you could rent it or skip it and your life would still be okay.

Music // Imagine Dragons, plus the Mumford and Sons conspiracy
I’m not here to lie to you about my cool factor: it’s abysmally low because I am always late to the party. By the time I like stuff, everyone else has already loved it and dismissed it, like, years ago, and I’m a poseur.  For example, like a year ago, everyone was on about Imagine Dragons. I just now showed up on their doorstep. Imagine Dragons’ “Demons” and “Radioactive” are dominating my workout mix. I’m glad to have discovered them, albeit hopelessly late.

Or I’m uncool because everyone loves something that I can’t stand, like Daft Punk’s new single, “Get Lucky.” Sorry, y’all: that train did not stop at my station. It zoomed right on past. Doesn’t anyone notice this song is repetitive and… icky?

And Mumford and Sons. Oh my god. English folk rock?

I want to be one of those people that likes this kinds of music. I want to be able to turn on any radio station and be like “Wow. This is my jam!” But it’s not going to happen.

Unfortunately, Mumford and Sons has collectively blown a sorcerer (or something) in return for magic powers. This band pops up on all of my Pandora stations, even after I thumb it down diligently.

I think there’s a conspiracy to get me to like them. I will not back down.

Art // Dollar bill collages
Because I feel like I have to post something nice, sooner or later (this week has been a media fail, mostly), I’d like to direct you to collages made from dollar bills. Speaking of collage, here’s how to make packing tape collages. See? Don’t you feel better? I do.