Caption This!

After spending hours carefully crafting a “Vampire at the Kentucky Derby” illustration, I realized I had no idea what to write.

So I asked Facebook.

This was the winner:

Sunhats and No Souls by Leah Lucci

And here’s the winner again, in a brighter color palette:


My friend Laura’s husband, David, suggested the theme of fitting in with big sun hats; and Tara wrote “They’re just as dead inside as I am!”

There were suggestions for giving her a sunburn and/or making her lament not wearing a yet bigger hat.  People were fixated on her “ballin’ ass hat.”

A few other good ideas:

  • “Mint julep? I asked for a Bloody Mary.”
  • “Talk about fast food.”
  • “It’s times like this I don’t mind not hanging around with Catherine the Great.”
  • “I married a rich, white vampire and don’t know what to do with my eternity.”

Anyway, that was a fun little exercise. One that exploded my entire Facebook feed for 12 hours.

Maybe I should always crowd-source my thinking. It’s much easier than coming up with original content.