It’s time for a family meeting.

Boys, sit down.

No. I’m serious. Buns in the seat, please.


What is the only rule of this palace?

Say it with me now: “No roughhousing when Daddy is drinking quietly in his study.” 

Got it? Good. 

I love you boys. Especially Thor.

Now skedaddle.

I’ve been picking away at this piece for the past month and a half. Ideally there’d be wider cropping and better, um, man cave detailing — but I’ve reached the point where I need to either:

1) re-do it from scratch to fix the composition and make it clearer Odin’s sitting behind a desk in a study, or

2) just take a moment to enjoy the parts that are going right, and keep them in mind for the next illustration.

Here are some details I adore:


Loki and Thor’s faces, even though Loki looks like Snape.


Odin, complete with gravity-defying crown. His face is pretty much the same as Thor’s. I also love his ridiculously broad shape, which is better seen in the overall composition.


Our friend the stuffed and mounted Frost Giant, who, it should be noted, is still frozen even in death.

I really like the “look everyone! Loki’s adopted!” sky blue & reddish brown contrasting motif. I like the icicles mimicking the lines of the wallpaper, contrasted against Odin’s sheer width. He has gravitas. Literally.

If this illustration were closer to the release of the Avengers, I may have tried making and selling prints of this. I think right now, however, America’s loins have cooled with regards to Loki, so I’m going to move on to the next thing.

(image via source)

Sorry, ladies who love Loki.