An intense, investigative report on cool old stuff


This weekend, fabulous ladies Dana, Ava, and Alice went antiquing with me on the quest for the Perfect Old Thing. We didn’t know what we were looking for, but we sure found a lot of neat swag.


^ Ava, who plays the piano, gravitated to the instruments every time. For this one, you tap your fingers on the metal bars to make the sound come out. The diagram inside showed how to play “Mary Had A Little Lamb.”


^ How cool is this business card and holder combo? I wish I’d thought of this.

Chris Snyder’s booth (each area is owned by a different person) had a lot of weird, weird stuff in it, like…


^ Hitler getting flushed down a toilet, and a great hat rack. It’s weird to see Hitler drawn in sort of a 1940s early-Disney cartoon style.


^ Speaking of weird… we’re secretly children. Or maybe not so secretly. Here’s Alice trying on a werewolf mask and holding up an illustrated wheelchair image. (I feel like that man would be eight feel tall if he stood.)


^ I love that antiques stores sell random collections of things, like jars of old crayons and rusty souvenir spoons. There is, without question, someone out there who thinks this stuff isn’t waste. (I don’t understand the spoon thing. Sorry, spoon collectors. At least the crayons you could hypothetically draw with.)


^ The drop between highbrow and lowbrow is very steep.

On the left is beautiful calligraphy for a child born in Zion, Pennsylvania (note: this is a real place); on the right is the design history of beer can packaging.

I love that the world both has and needs both types of lettering. Both the personal and the commercial are beautiful — though in this case, don’t you want to eat that birth certificate like a delicate soufflé?

Have you found anything good in the thrifts or antiques stores lately, Internet?

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