Morality aside, how cute are those hats?


Sometimes, when watching TV, one has to wonder…

Is that racist?

If so, was it considered racist at the time by the mainstream?

And, is it conscious or unconscious?


Example: there’s an episode of X-Files (Teso Dos Bichos, Season 3, Episode 18) which depicts a group of South American excavators — all wearing chullo hats every moment they’re on screen.

The question is: do the indigenous people really all wear these hats all the time, or is this, perhaps, a little bit racist? If so, it’s probably unconscious racism, right?

The part later in the episode where they turn into witch doctors, do peyote-like drugs, and curse the protagonists to get attacked by a swarm of hundreds of cats is, conversely, blatant racism.


In honor of this (terrible, almost completely un-watch-able episode), I’ve drawn a bunch of fellas in chullo hats. Because I really, really like those hats.


Television extra credit:

While watching your favorite show, can you find examples of homophobia or at least hetero-normality? Able-ism? Fat or slut shaming?

This is a fun game, until you realize how depressing it is.