Has anyone seen my shoes?

Lost Ruby Red Slippers Calligraphy by Leah Lucci


I keep seeing ads for the new Wizard of Oz movie. Because James Franco makes me want to scratch my own face off, I doubt I’ll see it. The ads have me thinking about the original movie, though. Man, I loved those witches. (Surprise!)

Enclosed here are two outfit homages to the witches. If you’re looking to emulate these styles, please note that the items herein are visual style suggestions, not literal items one should necessarily buy.

When I was a kid, I’d look at the suggested items in magazines and freak out. Who has that kind of money?!

I now realize (hope) that the editors were just trying to find attractive examples of the points they were illustrating, not necessarily suggesting people go out and buy that exact, expensive item. Every expensive item has a spirit-twin out there that’s affordable!

Glinda the Good Witch: 

Outfit Inspired by Glinda The Good Witch

★ 1. Topshop Dress, $130
★ 2. Corset Skull Necklace, $40
★ 3. Tory Burch bracelet, $95
★ 4. White gold & diamond cuff, $10,250 (that is not a typo)
★ 5. Fleur de Lis pantyhose, $13
★ 6. Steve Madden taupe boots, $90.30

Wicked Witch of the West: 



♦ 1. Black fasincator hat, $345
♦ 2. 2012 Zuhair Muraid couture dress, worth more than my life
♦ 3. Delfina Delettrez scorpion wrap ring, blue variation $3,850 (for more on Delfina Delettrez, you can check out my post about her)
♦ 4. Snake flats by Madonna, $91
♦ 5. Robert Rodriguez necklace, $295

You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but I love fancy things — on-screen, anyway. In real life, I can’t be bothered.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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