Fashion by delfina delettrez

Fashion Friday Zoom and Enhance: The Jaw-Dropping Jewelry of Delfina Delettrez

Today’s style award goes to: Italian designer Delfina Delettrez

She makes vibrant, high-end goth/nature jewelry that makes my brain want to fly out of my head and permanently nest in hers.

That’s a totally creepy thing to say, but these creepy pieces:

Fashion by delfina delettrez

This is like being trapped in a Lady GaGa-infused plague of Egypt.

Don’t you expect to see Brendan Fraser whip by, followed by a surge of beetles and mummified corpses?

Jewelry by delfina delettrez


^ Look at the detail on that stingray! His big mouth and eyes! He’s super-splendid!


Fashion by delfina delettrez

^ Look at the collar necklaces! The spider bracelet (bottom left) opens to reveal pearl eggs and hatching baby spiders. The trellis-ish bracelet (bottom right) contracts to save space, and expands when you want to put it on.

Fashion by delfina delettrez

^ This stuff also reminds me a little of the bayou. It has a sort of old New Orleans spell-casting magic to it.

I hope you enjoyed this feast for the eyes as much as I enjoyed making it, Internet. Wowza.