Fashion Friday: I’m really bad at giving myself manicures.

Captain Biffy CoolPants McSnuggles acquired me this magnetic nail polish from ThinkGeek for Christmahannukwanzika-Winterfest. Here’s an image of how they claim it will turn out, next to an image by a blogger who gave it a whirl:


Great. I’m was in!

I watched the YouTube video of how to apply it and settled down in front of some X-Files (season 3 finale!) to try it out.


Picture 1 is the base coat, before the magic happens. The color’s a sort of mushroom grey/purple.

Picture 2 is me totally screwing up the one hand. The pinkie and ring finger had these derpy giant stripes; the middle finger had no stripes; and the pointer finger had one stripe.

Picture 3 is the thumb, which looks really tight — but only on one side.


I went back and reapplied it more thickly, and held the magnet close for a shorter period of time, which worked better. As you can see, applying the magnet adds the black. The purplish taupe remains, sort of underneath.


BAM! Final product! The nails about 50/50 black/taupe, on a gradient that shifts back and forth under light.

This is a cool novelty item. I will enjoy wiggling my hands in everyone’s face for the next few days saying, “SEE? Am I RIGHT?” I like the color, too, as indecisive as it is. My nails look like a tiger’s eye gem.
I cannot imagine this ever being my go-to polish, however, because I keep my nails short for typing, which lessens the impact of this meticulous-to-apply effect. Longer nails, like on the top picture, allow for more stripes.

Recommended for:

  • People with patience who have lots of time to get this right, then let the finished nails dry. (You really need to goop on the polish to get the effect, and the drying takes forever.)
  • People who like attention paid to their hands.
  • People with long nails.
  • Also, because this was an $11 bottle of nail polish (… seriously?), people with money.

Not recommended for:

  • Thrifty fashionistas.
  • Easily-frustrated people.
  • People in a hurry.

I hope you enjoyed this misadventure in fashion. I will continue to chronicle my attempts to be cool in this very blog, so keep your eyes peeled for future opportunities to make fun of me!