Looks Inspired by Mothra, Frida, Emily, and, um… Sexy Pirates?

When I see stuff like Mothra (the giant moth that’s frenemies with Godzilla), I think to myself, “I could probably design an outfit around that.”

Other inspirations for dream outfits lately have been Frida Kahlo, Emily Dickinson, and… a few Sailor Jerry (“pirate”) pieces I really like and assembled into a collection.

A look inspired by Mothra on Etsy:

Cape ($525), Goggles (~$277); Felted dress ($345), & Necklace ($25)


A look inspired by Frida Kahlo on Etsy:

Hairpiece ($115), Sugar skull earrings ($75); Scarf ($12), Crow necklace ($330); Embroidered blouse ($125), & Broomstick skirt ($42)

A look inspired by Emily Dickinson on Etsy:

Vintage hair pin ($25), Choker necklace (~$7.50); Mary Janes ($78), & Black dress with lace collar ($115)

and, last and probably least

A look inspired by sexy pirates on Etsy:

Sailing ship necklace ($990), Sailor Jerry dress ($250); Garter belt ($40), & Thigh-highs ($25)

I can’t imagine pirates really looked that sexy. Pirates seem… grubby.

The nautical Sailor Jerry style tattoo motif, though, continues on, and I’d gladly rock the dress, at least.

Just keep swimmin’, Internet.