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If you’re working on a series and you don’t post it on the internet… did you really work on it?

I love beetles. Not so much the Japanese beetles that are destroying my zinnias, but the visual aspects of their biodiversity.


I’m not alone. As JBS Haldane has pointed out, “God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles.” (Both are copious and varied.)


I’ll scan them when they’re done.


Drawings in Circles

Today’s theme: circles and fandoms.


The theme a week or two ago for Sketch Dailies was Game of Thrones. (This illustration made it to the front page!)

My brother was the fabulous Renly for Halloween last year, so I decided to draw Renly and his dreamy boyfriend, Loras.

Oh, and Brienne, who has terrible taste in men.

First, she loved the homosexual Renly; now she loves Jaime, who’s in love with his twin sister (yes, “ew” is the appropriate response).

If she could fall for a pedophile, she would basically round out the He’s Not Into You Trifecta.


This drawing also happened, and I have no excuse for it. My favorite part is the dog in her arms.